Growth Chair by Mathias Bengtsson

Growth by Mathias Bengtsson

. . . when shape surpasses our imaginative boundaries . . .   Industrial technologies – is it about to deny art, or to provoke art? Does it mean to copy some external shape, or – to[…]

Iconic Design

Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future (Robert L.Peters)   We live today, we remember the past, and create our “tomorrow”, but we don’t notice how the imagined future – turns into[…]

Vismara Design

Significant style of Vismara Design takes its origin from the authentic traditions of Italian design and in attention to a modern aesthetics. A rare beauty of materials was revealed due to the talent to feel[…]

Yanzi lamp by Artemide

Yanzi by Artemide

to see light to touch light to imagine a bird? Stylized lighting installation Yanzi by Artemide was created in collaboration with Neri&Hu. Design of this object differs from the common opinion about an objective essence[…]

LiquidKristal by Lasvit


  It’s where it all really comes together, and it formulates into objects which you could call design, you could call art  (Ross Lovegrove)   A human, nature, science, fantasy, beauty – are so different realms,[…]



Casamania reveals a special formula of modern design – from an experiment to a constant of own style identity marked with a creative freedom, unexpected compositions and a true elegance that defines a paradigm of[…]

Home Design Collection by Fimes

Home Design Collection by Fimes

Modern design can surprise us with the most unexpected projects which can be based on imagination and following trends, which can be balanced between the past and modernity, which can reveal the most fascinating forms[…]