About Ecletti

The design is many-sided, various and amazing.

This can be an art-gesture or a work of art.
Beauty, genius, wonderful ideas, creativity,
intuition, taste, luxury, identity, style – it is about design.

Design reveals new aesthetic sides,
keeps the ancient traditions and creates new ones.
Design shows us variability of the world and its constancy…

Each object can have its own modest story,
but somehow one unusual chair becomes a part of the history.

Design inspires.

This is amazing world, about which there is a wish to say amazing words.
And the first I would like to say is words of gratitude to all creative people,
who create the world of design.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, even now –
someone creates a wonderful lamp, dances or looks into the camera lens…

Ecletti – let’s talk about design :)

Marina Schultz

Marina Schultz
Marina Schultz