Growth Chair by Mathias Bengtsson

Growth by Mathias Bengtsson

. . . when shape surpasses our imaginative boundaries . . .   Industrial technologies – is it about to deny art, or to provoke art? Does it mean to copy some external shape, or – to[…]

LiquidKristal by Lasvit


  It’s where it all really comes together, and it formulates into objects which you could call design, you could call art  (Ross Lovegrove)   A human, nature, science, fantasy, beauty – are so different realms,[…]

Metamorphosis Series от Boca Do Lobo

Metamorphosis Series by Boca Do Lobo

Was he an animal if music could captivate him so? (Metamorphosis. Franz Kafka) When some phenomena lose their own significance, a spontaneous reality proposes us strange syllogisms. The blend of absurd, surreal visions and mundane[…]

DS-600 sofa by de Sede

Legendary DS-600 sofa by de Sede is marked with an unprecedented aesthetics. It has its own special “character” and a unique configuration. This sofa was presented in 1972 for the first time. Its stunning composition[…]

Aquario Cabinet

It is unusual, stylish and not such as other – this is Aquário Cabinet. Its design was inspired by an aquarium shape, and the whole composition differs by a special lightness and even some “creative[…]