Glass & Wood Collection by VGnewtrend

There is a very special beauty which reveals a unique silhouette of the past and a subtle touch of silence – it is about a mysterious substance which has neither definitions nor an exact time. That is a very special art – to open such an invisible beauty of this world. Glass & Wood Collection by VGnewtrend embodies a magic beauty of Venice, an amazing aesthetics of nature, saved by time and spontaneous touch of fantasy.
This collection is unique because all objects were made of remarkable material. It is about briccola – or some special large piles which are placed in the water. During a long time these briccolas serve as a perfect support for the lanterns or the boats and gondolas can moor to these piles. When the piles become unfit for using – they turn into something very beautiful and unique. For example, in VGnewtrend world the briccolas were transformed into amazing furniture collection which reveals a delicate beauty of magic Venice.

Glass & Wood Collection by VGnewtrend
Table Venezia – Glass & Wood Collection by VGnewtrend

Venezia series becomes a quintessence of this collection. It is about a coffee table, large table and console. A spontaneous thin section of oak briccola – is hidden between two tempered glass plates which creates an amazing visual effect – like we can see a wooden fragment placed in the water. So, glass symbolizes the transparency of the water, and wood – embodies a unique beauty of nature, a special silhouette of time and thousands of stories. A modern composition allows to reveal a unique optical illusion – like the wooden surface – changes optically – as if briccola is really placed under the water, so we can see so hypnotic and constantly changing patterns.
We can see also coffee tables Foresta by VGnewtrend. These objects have a round table top made of tempered glass, and at the center there is a fragment of oak briccola pile (or this can be walnut Canaletto). Quite laconic legs are made of the burnished brass, or burnished pewter, or these can be steel elements. Such simple design of the legs completes the whole composition with a perfect modern charm – timeless – for stories last forever. Cortina tables by VGnewtrend are marked with more complicated sculptural shape of the base, which consists of three basic elements. At the center of the table top we can see a unique fragment of oak pile. As each this fragment is unique – there are no the same Cortina tables, because each of them is marked with unique patterns.

Glass & Wood Collection by VGnewtrend
Table Portofino by VGnewtrend – Glass & Wood Collection

Centuries old olives and a special transparency of Mediterranean sea, a unique aesthetics of the Ligurian landscape – are revealed in the design of Portofino series by VGnewtrend. Quite massive table differs by unique architecture which combines modernity with a unique aesthetics of nature which beauty exists beyond time. Its table top is made of two glass plates between which we can see a slim section of olive wood. Glass surface intensifies a visual beauty of the amazing patterns which charm us at first sight. Sculptural base of this table differs by quite complicated and abstract composition composed by glass elements and one unique accent. It is about a true wooden fragment – very spontaneous and unique.
An amazing beauty has a special significance for Portofino boiserie by VGnewtrend. Backlit glass reveals so exciting wooden patterns – as though they are melted in the water. It is about some hypnotic beauty of nature revealed in a spontaneous touch of fantasy and unique art – to see so inimitable sides of this world. Glass & Wood Collection by VGnewtrend reveals an amazing beauty – maybe it can be invisible in real life, but it is very symbolic and timeless, because it is about a silent symbol of Venice, it is about thousands magic stories…

Glass & Wood Collection by VGnewtrend
Table Portofino by VGnewtrend – Glass & Wood Collection (fragment of wooden patterns)

Author: Marina Schultz

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