Magic Venice

I found I could say things with color and shapes that
I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for
(Georgia O’Keffe)

What is colour of silence? Maybe it is about colour of the water, or clear semi-shades of ancient history. Quiet rhythms of time, delicate silhouettes of memories, a subtle touch of nature. It is about silence which sounds like the colour of time, and has thousands of stories. Silence – like a subtle mystery which one could keep secret – with no words.
Symbolizing a special enigma of a magic city, saving something hidden, revealing some unknowable beauty, without touching its time and virgin secrets… He told me one amazing story from his life…

He had his own gondola. And every morning he went to the mooring. So various people were in his gondola – to enjoy that silent city, because silence – is a very special – eternal beauty. There were poets and musicians, artists and lovers in his gondola. Lovers – are so special people who become the souls of lyrics, and who give the aromas of amazing stars this city every day. And in the evening those stars – fill the whole Venice with fantasy twinkling of their mysteries. Those stars – fill the evening sky with so strange poetry which one could be silent only – have no words.
One day he came to the mooring, and saw how someone was removing his briccola from the water. Briccola it is a special oak pile to which gondolas and boats can moor. He was so accustomed to see its ancient beauty created by time and nature. So, he asked to leave him that unfit briccola. Evening he came to visit good friend designer, and asked him to make that briccola could safe its beauty as long as possible. And the designer promised to turn that oak pile into some part of Venice, which will be a soul of boatman’s home. As one briccola was too big, it was enough to create the whole collection of amazing objects.

Magic Venice
Briccola in Venice

At first the designer has created a coffee table – so that his friend could enjoy a magic coffee time every morning. He wanted to create a very special atmosphere – when wooden surface keeps its “live” nature, and the water – saves its transparency. So, he put very thin wooden sections between two glass plates. He saw a hypnotic play of unique patterns which were so variable – as though they were under transparent water. In order to safe so virgin beauty – he completed the whole composition with simple legs – modern and laconic, made of burnished brass or pewter. So, he invited his friend to see this coffee table.
The boatman was excited its beauty. And then he looked awkwardly at his friend:

– I have one more question to you.
– Of course, my dear friend.
– Could you create one more the same table?
– I cannot make the same one. Because each briccola, or even its fragment – are different, unique. So, each table made of one oak pile – will be another.

Then the boatman said:

– I want to give such a table to one a very special person.

Boatman’s eyes became sparkling and filled with poetry little stars of Venetian evening sky.

– Is it about a woman?
– Yes… – the boatman looked at his friend awkwardly.
– So, I have what to offer you.

The designer took away his friend in a workshop. They came at one of briccola’s fragments, and then the designer gave his friend something very sharp.

– You can write somewhat. But, please, you should do this very carefully because this wooden plate is very thin. I leave you alone.

The boatman slightly pressed that sharp object to the wooden slim plate marked with so ancient aroma. Very carefully, as the designer asked, he tried to draw the words. Then he called his friend, and the designer said his favorite word:

– It’s unique, my dear friend.

In a week there were the first spring days – marked with so virgin, so delicate sunny rays and a very delicate silence. And the first day of spring – one very special woman received an amazing gift. It was a coffee table with round glass table top and very laconic legs. At the center of the table top – between very thin glass plates – she could see hypnotic wooden patterns of briccola. And somewhere – behind transparent glass – she noticed so careful words:

“Magic Venice – only for you”

Magic Venice
Small Table Foresta by VGnewtrend – Glass & Wood Collection

Spring begins with love

(it’s just a fairy story)

Author: Marina Schultz

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