Mineheart – a design fairytale


Mine eye and heart thy picture’s would bar,
My heart mine eye the freedom of that right
(William Shakespeare)

There is one world which is visible for the eyes. But there is also another world which is – for inner eyes. They say, there is a prose of life – it is quite impressive and even dramatic in its way. But there is a special poetry of everyday – it seems to be invisible, but it’s so romantic. Some kind of mere chance, strange and so different things – create this poetry of life. Recognizable images disappear when something which could never exist reveals. It is about fantasy. There are no the same fantasies. Each fantasy has its own colour. A design fairytale by Mineheart takes its origin from an amazing poetry of life revealed in a spontaneous touch of creativity. Each Mineheart story – is a special world for inner eyes.

Mineheart lighting

Mineheart symbolizes a certain dual passion marked with love for tradition and its representation in the most unexpected images of contemporary design. So, some genius touched a timelessly elegant Edison lamp’s silhouette – and King Edison lamp appeared (design – Young and Battaglia). Inside a simple bulb made of the blown glass we can see a very tine chandelier. A unique optical illusion is revealed somewhere between small and large, between whole and part – between the past and a spontaneous fantasy. An unusual and romantic design of this lamp combines the timeless classic proportions and unexpected touch of modernity. Slightly visible veil of mysteries is typical for King Edison Ghost lamps made with the hand-blown black glass shade.

Mineheart lighting
Gold King Edison Grande Pendant Lamp by Mineheart (design – Young & Battaglia)

Cauldron lamps by Mineheart are marked with an unmistakable balance of simplicity and a true elegance. An enigmatic colour shade of the smoky black blown-glass, perfect lines and a simple shape – create an unusual image which is quite laconic. It is about the lamps marked with the overturn spot shape. Instead of the external aesthetics these objects differ by a special expressiveness – because only in a fairytale such lamps could exist.
A very special interpretation of the past has a special significance for Statue lamps by Mineheart. Can you imagine classic stone busts so similar to antique sculptures which are simply swaying in the air? It is about a distinctive dimension of grace and some new concept of the monumentality in the modern interpretation. Such objects can be placed separately or grouped – revealing a spontaneous touch of history in contemporary or more traditional interior marked with a total individuality and exceptional aesthetics. More provocative image is typical for Waterloo table lamps by Mineheart. Majestic Napoleon can appear even in pink colour and with the shade at his head. The unusual stylistics of this object is marked with some kitsch character, and it is remarkable at first sight. Such flirting with history – play the droll for everyday life revealing some new visual features and emotional context.

Mineheart Lighting
Statue Lamps by Mineheat. Hero Statue Lamp; Muse Statue Lamp; Goddess Statue Lamp (design – Young & Battaglia). Made in England

Little Crush lamp was one of ‘Young and Battaglia’s’ first design. The crushed plastic bottle with its sculptural sharp angles immediately caught the eye of the design world. It is about a special aesthetics which is for the “design gourmets”. Today this lamp by Mineheart differs by an exquisite beauty and timeless elegance. It is about the sculptural base which reproduces the proportions of its “plastic prototype” but made of hand-blown black glass. So, the angles became more soft and similar to some strange organic shapes. Because every blown-glass object is only handmade – each Little Crush lamp by Mineheart is unique.

Mineheart Lighting
Little Crush lamp by Mineheart (design Young & Battaglia)

A spontaneous fairy touch is revealed in the design of Ice Queen Chandelier. This object was created by Young & Battaglia for outdoor use. It was completely coated in clear frosted rubber to make it waterproof and give it a special ice, frosted look. A special stylistics of this object represents a quite suggestive or fairy imagery – revealing a pure touch of creativity. These lamps can be hung from the trees – so, one can create an amazing atmosphere in the garden. Stylized classic proportions, which visual perception is easier due to only one colour (for example, this could be white) – creates a special character of its design.

Mineheart furniture

Fantasy design and a delicate art – are typical for Ornithological Sketch Cabinets by Mineheart, created in collaboration with Cortney Brims. It is about amazing objects made of oak, cherry or ash wood and decorated with unique inlays. The scenes of the artistic decorations are associated with the timeless legends or myths, or with a fantasy world of the fairy tales. We can see subtle images of nature – flowers, butterflies, or birds – which charm us at first sight. Amazing detalization and a special play of shades at the background of the natural wooden texture – complete these objects with a special artistic value.

Mineheart furniture
Oak Ornithological Sketch Cabinet by Mineheart (in collaboration with fantasy illustrator Courtney Brims)

An unmistakable synthesis of fashion and history, of fashion and design – is revealed in the image of Corset Chair by Mineheart (design – Young & Battaglia). Design of this object personifies the symbol of a true female delicacy of XVIII century; it is also associated with Scarlett’s beauty (Gone with the Wind) and burlesque by Dita Von Teese. It is about corset. We can see perfect proportions of the traditional Victorian aesthetics in the chair construction, and an exceptional design of the chair back made in form of the stylized leather corset and laced with ribbon. The delicacy of each detail of Corset Chair reveals a special symbolic context of the general image.
A unique visual effect is typical for the side table and cabinets – Catherine, Elizabeth and Maria. At the satin background we can see incredibly detailed image of the dress which were typical for a certain historical period. But the whole stylistics is marked with a special touch of modernity. Design of these objects differs by a certain elegance and minimalistic proportions, and noble contrasts.

Mineheart furniture
Corset Сhair by Mineheart (design Young & Battaglia)

Upholstered furniture by Mineheart differs by a distinctive design marked with a certain “illusion of the first impression”. For example, look at the Shabby Chic sofa. It seems, we see an exquisite sofa with the delicate classic proportions – and this is so old sofa that its upholstery is very deformed like real rags. But, actually it is about the stylized effect of the rags, layered and deformed. This fabric features were created due to the digital printing. It is about an exact reproducing of the visual effect of all possible “imperfections” and various textures or textile patterns. Shabby Chic sofa by Mineheart is marked with some nostalgic character and a timeless elegance in a context of modern design.

Mineheart furniture
Shabby Chic sofa by Mineheart

Miss Chester series of upholstered furniture by Mineheart differs by a special appeal. Ignoring the classic tradition design of these objects is completely contemporary, and using of capitonne stitching completes the whole image with the unmistakable accents. Instead of quite traditional proportions of the sofa, we notice special visual accents: it is about the feet which can be made in natural finish or other colours, and we can see colorful upholstery. Miss Chester Benches by Mineheart differs by casual compositions. Because these objects are marked with the unusual proportions and uncommon geometry which allows to create free combinations according to the individual demands or the spatial features.

Mineheart furniture
Miss Chester sofa by Mineheart

Wall Art by Mineheart

Art decor collections by Mineheart differ by an amazing imagery. It is about a special aesthetics marked with some illusion of perception – between a true art and optical play. Unique series of the family portraits, or Animal Ancestors by Mineheart was created in collaboration with Angela Rossi. A special touch by humor or a true seriousness – are typical for these canvases. Instead of the notable images of the past – we can see majestic animal images. Noble monkey – Duke Gibson, or delicate Princess Flaminia, an elegant Dame Giralda, or a true gentleman – mighty moose Lord Montague. An exceptional aesthetics of these surreal portraits – it is about a special combination of the paradoxical shapes and allusions which replaces each other leaving us only a hint about reality. These canvas series will be a perfect accent for the interior marked with the individuality. Should be noticed that carved framings of the portraits are not as they could seem, in fact – such stylized ornate frame is printed onto the canvas. So, some real things can exist only where we want to see them.

Wall Art by Mineheart
Princess Flaminia canvas by Mineheart (Angela Rossi with Mineheart) Made in England

An unusual effect of the impressionistic image is revealed in stylized canvases of Crystal Lens series by Mineheart. A special optical mystery of these pictures is based on the playful blur of the boundaries between the frame and the artwork due to the stylized kaleidoscopic effect. The fragments of various colours are placed over the traditional neoclassic canvas and framing, creating a unique prismatic picture. The ornate frame is not as it seems, because in fact it is printed onto the canvas. Winters Morning canvas by Mineheart differs by more sombre tones and some hint on a mystery hidden in this picture. Rays of Spring canvas is marked with a hint of colour – we can see more various color palette revealed in a unique kaleidoscopic scheme which provokes an amazing play of perception.

Wall Art by Mineheart
Winters Morning canvas by Mineheart (Crystal Lens series)

We can talk about an exceptional aesthetics of the portraits with colorful spots. It is about Madame Blush and Monsieur Mint canvases by Mineheart. Exquisite images of a cheekily defaced French queen or an elegant defaced Louis XVI– are marked with a special touch of the modern prank. Instead of their faces we can see some bright blot – for example, this can be a spot in acid pink or mint colour made with spray paint. The ornate white frames are not as it seems – they are printed onto the canvas. Such art wall decor by Mineheart will be an exclusive accent of any interior; especially this could be a unique concept like in kitsch style.

Wall Art by Mineheart
‘Monsieur Mint’ Canvas by Mineheart. Made in England

A unique collection of the accessories was created in collaboration with Portuguese postmodernist artist, Joao Figueiredo. It is about Joao’s cushions by Mineheart. The palette of deep black shades, half-seen fragments of older paintings – create a strange fragmentary picture. It is about a special playing with art, the juggling modernity with tradition and a modern vision and appreciating of art. We even can talk about the stylized recreating of Duchamp’s surrealism. Such accessories become a perfect accent for any interior, revealing a complete individuality of the whole interior design concept.

Mineheart Wall Art and accessories
Isabella Cushion by Mneheart (in collaboration with Joao Figueiredo)

Any story by Mineheart – is always deprived of some dullish determination of things. Actually, each thing can be not as it seems, and each recognizable image – can provoke various emotions, because it has been touched by fantasy. Some strange mere chances, an optical illusion – change our perception of traditions and create new ones – the most unexpected images of everyday being. A special poetry of life – is something amazing and so spontaneous, so Mineheart – surprises always.

ICE QUEEN Outdoor LED garden chandelier by Mineheart

Author: Marina Schultz

Source of photos: Mineheart
the first photo – illustrations by Courtney Brims for Mineheart


  • Shakespeare’s Sonnets. – Boston. Ticknor and Fields. – 1865. – XLVI. – p.52.