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Once upon a long time ago there were the islands… There was a great distance, unknown history, enigmas and fantasies, and – no airplanes or immense ocean liners; there was no even such a colorful map of this world… But in several historical documents has been mentioned the denomination “nave” (Latin Navis) used between 1211 and 1428 as the opposite to the term “boat” applied to the ships, marked with smaller proportions and used in small routes. That was much used in the middle of the XV and XVI century. During the times of the Discoveries there was an evolution of the types of ships which were used for long routes: in XV century there were large vessels, or “Nau” used in long journeys with a capacity of 200 people. There was an evolution of the types of ships in a remarkable way in Portugal. It is about a unique opportunity to cross the horizons. Centuries after on our days – NAUU continues to discover this world: in a way of art, through the stories and traditions – “we are telling our history”, and – “adventure” is still the best word to describe the Portuguese Design.

QUEEN Armchair by NAUU Design
QUEEN Armchair by NAUU Design (exclusive design for the world presentation at Decofair Jeddah 2017)

The history of this brand takes its origin in 2013 from an experience of more than two decades related to interior design in Portugal. Unique furniture by NAUU DESIGN is marked with a true elegance and exceptional compositional decisions which combine perfectly the artisan traditions with creativity and the most innovative joinery techniques. Created in Sétubal beside the Sabo river, NAUU DESIGN is a brand that wants to take cross-border the strength and the distinction of one of the richest regions of Portugal. So, today we can see exclusive objects marked with a strong personality and bespoke character, attention to a special “nature” of materials and a true aesthetics of each detail – “from the time it’s imagined to the time it’s completed”. Quality, innovation, elegance, excellence and, above all, passion – mean the values of NAUU DESIGN. It is about the objects which are quite often so similar to the sculptures or architecture; associated with the nature, inspired by ancient artisan values or cosmopolitan spirit of the big cities. It is about different ways of seeing the world – through the design, revealing new emotions, discovering the past and modernity – in the exclusive and exquisite pieces of furniture which beauty means a new experience of perception. Authentic traditions of Portuguese design, a true beauty of materials, an amazing synthesis of the architecture and art – history, tradition, emotion and passion – it is about NAUU DESIGN: through the hands of the finest craftsmen – “to be able to share with the world the great pleasure”, to create a space for unforgettable details and new impressions.

Arrábida dining table by NAUU DESIGN is associated with majestic images of the nature – the imposing Arrábida Mountain, one of the most known in Portugal. The composition of this object is marked with elegant contrasts, massive view and a special dynamics. The base of this table is asymmetrical and differs by numerous stepped elements which visually change our perception and reveal an exceptional synthesis of the architecture and design. A massive rectangular table top was made with the use of myrtle root veneer – so, we can see unique patterns revealed in the textures of this material. Contrast framings and gold plated brass inserts – mark the contours and emphasize a monumental image of this object. The design of Arrábida dining table differs by a special artistic value, because it is completely handmade by best Portuguese craftsmen.

Arrábida dining table by NAUU DESIGN
Arrábida dining table by NAUU DESIGN

An exceptional alliance between history, design and fashion has a special significance for QUEEN armchair. It is about a splendor atmosphere of the grand halls of the royal palaces from the whole world, timeless style and a unique character of each detail. The composition of this object is marked with a distinctive sense of rhythm, because we can see a contrast combination of deep black gloss varnish surfaces and the applications in polished brass. Exclusively for the world presentation at Decofair Jeddah in 2017 – the upholstery of “Queen” armchair was made with the use of Hermés fabric “Fil d’argent” in terracotta shade. So, we can see the interlaying of various rhythmical accents (vertical contrast elements of the main structure and patterns in the upholstery) – this creates an effect of a visual depth. Aesthetics of this object reveals a unique synthesis between the most traditional techniques of joinery and modern design, fabulous character of déco and a true quintessence of style.

QUEEN Armchair by NAUU DESIGN (exclusive design for the world presentation at Decofair Jeddah 2017)

BACCHUS sideboard is a limited edition of 20 numbered pieces. Its design differs by a unique composition based on the wooden barrels placed horizontally. We can see an extraordinary effect of a visual play with the balance, because there is no a traditional feet or other base elements. Shape of the compositional elements, the name of this object – are associated with wine: with its very special storage manner and distinctive atmosphere of ancient myth. So, from an aesthetical pleasure – to the mental pleasure. The design of “Bacchus” sideboard combines a special charm of old traditions with avant-garde spirit. We can see the framings made of polished stainless steel which contrasts with an elegant texture of palisander wood in high gloss varnish. It is about an exceptional design which best expresses a significant style and passion.

BACCHUS Sideboard by NAUU Design
BACCHUS Sideboard by NAUU Design (The International Product Design Awards 2016 Shortlisted)

FUZETA stool differs by a unique aesthetics which was inspired by the blue sea of Ria Formosa and by the wooden houses of fishermen. It is about a special combination of an elegant beauty and authentic style of the artisan furniture pieces. We can see a laconic composition marked with an unusual dynamics revealed in a fluid line of the seat. Wooden structure elements made of American walnut with a high gloss varnish differ by unique textures. From the other side, we notice traditional handmade tiles from Azeitão region marked with relief patterns and blue colour shades which are in a perfect harmony with deep blue color of the upholstery. “Fuzeta” stool is a very exclusive object which fits great in any exquisite and luxury space, revealing a special charm of authentic art and old traditions.

FUZETA Stool by NAUU Design
FUZETA Stool by NAUU Design

MANUELA armchair is a limited edition of 20 numbered pieces. It is marked with a strong personality and symbolizes the infinite horizon and all differences which unite the facets of this world. Fabulous cities, amazing buildings that seem to touch the sky with its thousands windows… The skyscrapers became so special symbols of our imagination, ambitions and pleasures. The composition of “Manuela” armchair is very similar to these significant images because reveals a shape of this building which is always directed upwards. We can see a fluid silhouette, or single-piece structure which has neither beginning nor end: the back of this armchair is marked with the sectors made in 7 various colours and height. An exquisite natural ebony leaf with high gloss varnish and seductive velvet textures reveal a true elegance which also has no boundaries.

MANUELA Armchair by NAUU Design
MANUELA Armchair by NAUU Design

The design of  The Embrace cabinet was inspired by an alliance between luxury, nature and architecture. Its extraordinary composition differs by a visual dynamics, elegant contrasts and eclectical character. Its unique geometry is based on the combination of right angles crossed in the base revealing “open” lines of the embrace. At the same time we can see an exquisite combination of the details in golden leaf, stainless steel with black lacquer and high gloss varnish, palisander wood textures and bronze mirror surfaces. It is about an exceptional juxtaposition of noble materials and unique image of the whole composition which seems to be strange and complicated at first, but finally – we can see the image of “open embrace” revealed in the stylized geometrical forms and in luxury language which is perfect for any place.

THE EMBRACE Cabinet by NAUU Design
THE EMBRACE Cabinet by NAUU Design (A’Design Award & Competition 2013-2014)

Mysteries have no some exact origin – it is about something non-existing but so closed to our imagination. Mysteries are the silhouettes of our fantasies described in the myths and legends, and hidden in a timeless art. Pandora’s box was filled with dangerous mysteries, “Pandora” by NAUU DESIGN – reveals a very special nature of enigmas: it is elegant, luxury and beautiful. We can see a coffee table which design is similar to a rare jewelry. It was covered with 96 pieces of polished glass painted with gold powder and hand-stitched by the best craftsmen, exudes exclusivity and refinement, enchanting any space where it is present and becoming the focus of all attentions and desires. This precious piece of beautiful mysteries reveals a timeless art of design – to create stories and traditions, to highlight emotions, to discover this world.

PANDORA Coffee Table by NAUU Design
PANDORA Coffee Table by NAUU Design

Author: Marina Schultz

The article “NAUU DESIGN – to discover the world” was oficially published in G&G _ Magazine “Arabic Edition” dedicated to the international fair – DECOFAIR / Jeddah. In this release it’s pointed out the importance of Arabic business worldwide, besides you can find a superb selection of the best projects in Arab countries.

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