Safety tests

This is our moment to shine (Zharkov, “Chernobyl”)   An outstanding intellect causes the greatest fear. It is about who are we, and where is the limit of the truth we are able to accept.[…]

Time designers

Time designers

We often cannot bring a “day” together again when we come back to the time we have “used” (Martin Heidegger) He had quite stressful day. Several meetings, negotiations. He came back to his office, and[…]

Red Lips

Red lips always lie

Half victim, half accomplice, like everyone (Jean-Paul Sartre) She hypnotized the semi-worlds by her fairy dresses. She tempted those worlds with her red lips. She didn’t smile at all, but everyone – was looking for[…]

Ice day by Marina Schultz

Ice day

Kay’s patterns were most ingenious, because they were the ‘Ice Puzzles of Reason’ (The Snow Queen) One day he saw a strange mist. And there was too much that fog – he could put his[…]

The silhouettes fo minds

The silhouettes of minds

It is nothing more and nothing less than the unfolding of a space in which it is once more possible to think (Michel Foucault) One day he saw a wondrous dream. As though, it was[…]