Time designers

Time designers

We often cannot bring a “day” together again when we come back to the time we have “used” (Martin Heidegger) He had quite stressful day. Several meetings, negotiations. He came back to his office, and[…]

Red Lips

Red lips always lie

Half victim, half accomplice, like everyone (Jean-Paul Sartre) She hypnotized the semi-worlds by her fairy dresses. She tempted those worlds with her red lips. She didn’t smile at all, but everyone – was looking for[…]

Ice day by Marina Schultz

Ice day

Kay’s patterns were most ingenious, because they were the ‘Ice Puzzles of Reason’ (The Snow Queen) One day he saw a strange mist. And there was too much that fog – he could put his[…]

The silhouettes fo minds

The silhouettes of minds

It is nothing more and nothing less than the unfolding of a space in which it is once more possible to think (Michel Foucault) One day he saw a wondrous dream. As though, it was[…]