Ice day

Ice day by Marina Schultz

Kay’s patterns were most ingenious, because
they were the ‘Ice Puzzles of Reason’
(The Snow Queen)

One day he saw a strange mist. And there was too much that fog – he could put his arms out the window to touch that fog. He even could caress that fog by his minds, touches and breath. He told me about this. I also wanted to caress the fog by silent minds, by my warm breath and pure eyes. But that mist was disappearing. And one day I saw the ice. That subtle ice was everywhere. But I couldn’t touch it. My fingers were too hot, and the ice was melting under my touches.

Ice day by Marina Schultz
Ice day – photo by Marina Schultz (2017)

During the day – the ice world was similar to the black-and-white negatives. As though – memories, only quiet minds… But in the evening that ice created a superior mystery of its secrets. That ice was sparkling like the diamonds. That ice was so seductive to be touched, to be caressed by warm touches of the human soul… But, is it possible to caress the ice? The strangest metaphor of this universe. It is about mute hearts, and cold minds, and cold people which are so similar to the ice… They say – heart could be ice… But could be the ice hearts understood with only the words? That ice had its own sense of rhythm. That ice – sparkled even at night. But whether the ice hearts – sparkle at night?
He told me about grey fogs. But I saw – only a subtle ice. And that ice was everywhere. Even the buds of lonely sleeping trees were covered with ice. This was so poetic… I couldn’t caress them by my hot fingers… Only by eyes… I could only see this ice…

Ice evening by Marina Schultz
Ice evening – photo by Marina Schultz (2017)

Author: Marina Schultz

Photos by: Marina Schultz

The first photo – Ice day by Marina Schultz (2017)


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