Marquese Scott – to see music

Marquese Scott

If there were no music in the world it would be terrifying.
Now I can’t imagine the world without music.
(Marquese Scott)

Whether everyone is able to hear music? And how it is possible – to see music? He could. He could reveal music and its rhythms. If music touches our mind – he touches this world by music. He show the inner sense of time revealed in music. Marquese Scott puts this world through music and reveals it in a surreal dance.
Everyone can see this world – in its own way. Therefore this world is so many-sided. Marquese Scott opens a new sense of rhythm of this universe in dance – revealing another concept of time. Actually, time becomes some plastic substance which can obtain any form, denying the state of full uncertainty. Because 60 seconds, 12 hours, 365 days, or even the whole epoch – all these words are not enough to measure this enigma created by people to define the limits of their being.
Marquese Scott’s dance reveals an instant which goes on as much as you want. Each moment of time can be stopped or continued. Each second – vibrates or even trembles in the sound of silence. One can say he is just dancing or moving. But in the dance language he creates some irreal visions revealing each instant of life. He opens the whole world in a special language of spontaneous movement, defining a new dimension of the time flow. “When you’re dancing the music is talking to you and you’re basically portraying the music to you. So, then you’re going to see a different visual side”. Marquese Scott reveals a special architectonics of the dance movement which can exist in any music genre: it is about modern Electronic Dance Music, Pop, and even Rock. In spite of the rhythm he opens a unique fluent shape of spontaneous motion playing with the space. How does it work? “You’re feel like if you are inside the music”.

Marquese Scott
Marquese Scott

But most often Marquese discloses strange rhythms of the most complicated music genre which is quite often is so difficult for a common perception and especially – for visualization. What can you say about dubstep? Only – listening. Such a complicated, chaotic, asymmetric and broken sense of rhythm – touches the mind, vibrating all nerves of consciousness. How can one dance to this music? A strange harmony of dissonances, an extended or distorted bass, and a refined manipulation with its rhythm, affected sub-bass – create a special dimension of silence. Or even of emptiness. It is about an intimate kind of silence which everyone feels or hears – in own way. In this music one can be dissolved or continued. One can place this music inside himself, but – to reveal yourself? I didn’t imagine how this could be. And he could reveal how one can move in these complicated or even irreal sounds. He opens the movement of time in the most complicated rhythms which touch all sides of our mind.

Marquese’s dance – always “unlocks” a special duality of the world. How? Because when you’re watching any of his videos – at the “background” you notice course of life. You notice the world’s breath. While Marquese creates the irreal movements of time – some random bird, or just the walking people, or stream of cars – any form of this world becomes a perfect space to reveal a new story told in the dance language. Or it is about a special language of silence in which music exists. Ignoring any lows of physics or limits of the body anatomy – he balances in a unique dimension: he falls without falling, he swims without water. While he is dancing – we notice new sides of the world, or some unique metaphors of life not defined yet in the verbal formulas. For example, in one of Marquese’s videos, while he was dancing as though he was moving in the water – behind him we can see a cripple who is unable to walk without stick. It is hard to imagine more painful dichotomy of human world. But it is not about some “pop” bitterness of life – it is about ability to show someone’s dream.

To see music. To reveal music.
To open the whole world in the language of movement, creating a new sense of time.
To open emotions which can be felt but not defined.
To touch this world by music. A new era dancer – Marquese Scott.

So, how can you see music? Just turn off the sound and look at him

Author: Marina Schultz

Source of photos: Marquese Scott

Source of video: WHZGUD2


  • This is Marquese. A portrait of a new era dancer. – Diffuse 2013.