Time designers

Time designers

We often cannot bring a “day” together again
when we come back to the time we have “used”
(Martin Heidegger)

He had quite stressful day. Several meetings, negotiations. He came back to his office, and sat down in the armchair. He looked at his watch. There was half an hour before the next meeting. He closed his eyes. He saw a strange dream. In that dream he has found one charming girl. She had so fairy eyes – one could draw in her eyes. And he had a sport car. Later on he has married that fairy girl. One day he was driving his sparkling and very fast sport car. And one year later – they tasted an amazing wine – being somewhere, surrounded with a lot of snow and playful winter. Then – he was driving his sport car again, overcoming a lazy stream of the tired city. He saw the autistic traffic lights which could distinguish only three colours – only three commands those stupid lamps were able to show the drivers. That was so primitively. And a minute later he has heard some horrible growl – his sport car was confused by those wild vibrations. And he heard a totally different music at all. He opened his eyes. He woke up.
The phone was calling. His phone crept somewhere confusing the space with laze vibrations. He opened his eyes, but his fingers were still trembling. He felt her kisses on his skin. He remembered her jewelry eyes. He could saw the whole world reflected in her fairy eyes. His fingers were still nervously strained as if he kept the steering-wheel. First he saw – were three clocks on the wall. Three clocks displaying different time. Different time – between various cities. Between various parts of the world. His phone was still calling. He looked at the display. His friend was calling. He looked at his watch. He has slept for 4 minutes only. And during those 4 minutes he has found time to live several years. To fall in love, and to drive the sport car he has never had before. During those 4 minutes he has lived 2 years.
So – what is time? And why he had even three clocks on the wall? And one more – on his hand.

Time designers
“The Time Traveler” by xetobyte

It is so strange human’s fiction. It is so unwise antidepressant for the whole mankind. And such a pill could provoke an incurable addiction only. For centuries? For millennia? Oh no – for years, for minutes… Only seductive chimera which confuses the whole worlds – with madness and hard addiction to emptiness. Addiction to emptiness. Because – what is time? Does it really exist? One very little person being born can live for only several years, or twenty, or even seventy years. All people – can live various age. So – how these people – who live different time – can have the same quantity of hours in a day? Or the same quantity of minutes in one hour? Why the day of person who lived only twenty two years (and – has never lived any more) – consisted of the same 24hours? Like everyone else. But – what if that person needed more hours to live his day, or his twenty two years? Or vice versa – that person needed only 8 hours during the day. Who has invented such a strange and wrong measure? Time – was invented by human. For what? In fact, the whole cities could have different time, but all people – have only 60 seconds in one minute.
Have you ever noticed – how time stops? Because time can stop. Time can stop – only if we notice that. But – do we notice? Who – notices time moving? And – what is time? Only – so strange horror story for people. The horror story which was invented by people for themselves only. Someone was playing with hour-glass, replacing numerous sand grains of life. Why? Because someone had too much time for himself only.
Whether time must be the same for all people? If one person lives his own life. Each person – lives only one life which could be continued for various ages. Human’s life continues not equally, so – why one person’s day of life –should be continued equally for other? Only 24 hours. But – what if one needs more hours to live his day? And, what if it is too much – for someone other?

Each person knows what is chair. It is about obvious object for seating with back and four legs at least. But – are all chairs the same? I saw hundreds of chairs. And instead of all those chairs were so different – each chair is still being a chair. So – why all people – have the same time? Why – each person – couldn’t be a designer of his time? Like – there are the designers of chairs.

What is the measure of human’s life? Is it time? No. Because time – is some unverified evidence which makes anyone guilty. It’s a fiction. It’s a defect of this world. It is only a toy – without instruction of use. And even children up to three years could play with that toy. So, time – is a very special toy without instruction, and one could get a bone of time in his throat – at any age.

He had quite stressful day. There were several meetings. He has even slept in his armchair in the office. For 4 minutes only. But he has lived 2 years while he was sleeping. In the evening he has bought a sport car he has never had before. But he is still looking for that stranger with jewelry eyes. During 2 years he is looking for her. But he hasn’t found yet. However, he has three clocks on the wall. And one more – on his hand.

Time designers
“Chronoperception” by xetobyte

Author: Marina Schultz

Source of photos: xetobyte (Norvz Austria, digital artist)

the first photo – “Search to Fade” by xetobyte


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