Dragon-flies and butterflies by Ingo Maurer

Светильники Ingo Maurer

They say, there is no material, that he couldn’t turn into the light.
They say, he loves fog and twilight.
They call him as an avant-gardist and “insurgent”, but he says “the light has a soul…”
In Ingo Maurer’s studio the light is never alone.
For example, the dragon-flies and butterflies can dance simply around the light…

Lighting by Ingo Maurer

The “Edison lamp” is a favorite shape for this designer. Instead of “dressing” the source of light in some intricate lamp-shades he “undressed” the lamp, and the dragon-flies and butterflies had flown immediately. Amazing lighting by Ingo Maurer has an unusual design, it is based on simple but at the same time magic images and their special significance comes from the heart…

Lighting by Ingo Maurer
In the design of “J.B.Schmetterling” (design Ingo Maurer, Axel Schmid) we’ll see a delicate dance of the butterflies and dragon-flies, which flock together to the magic light. The bulb of the lamp has a form of a traditional “Edison lamp” and it also has a special white frame which creates an effect of a soft light.

Lighting by Ingo Maurer
“J.B.Schmetterling” (design Ingo Maurer, Axel Schmid)

Wonderful decorative butterflies and dragon-flies are fixed with slightly visible components. This composition has a very realistic view: as though they are flying around the lamp. Exquisite figures of these insects are handmade with an exact copy of all details, and colour shades of their natural wings. Soft lighting creates a magic atmosphere for the whole composition. As “J.B. Schmetterling” was the limited today we can see new lamp called “Flatterby“. The hand-made delicate butterflies flit around the bulb, especcially we can see amazingly beautiful black and white butterflies like the Black Swallowtail and the Rice Paper Butterfly but also the Blue Morfo, and small Brown Moth.

Flatterby by Ingo Maurer
Flatterby lamp by Ingo Maurer

Johny B.Butterfly” collection by Ingo Maurer (design Ingo Maurer and Team) was made in the same manner, but the lamps have just one dragon-fly and two butterflies. The dimensions of the decorative elements of these models a bit larger, so we can see natural colours of the wings and other details of these insects more clearly.


Lighting by Ingo Maurer
An unusual table lamp “I Ricchi Poveri-Fly” (design Ingo Maurer) impresses us with its design. The designer put a fly on the usual bulb.

I Ricchi Poveri lamps by Ingo Maurer
“I Ricchi poveri – Fly” (design Ingo Maurer)

Model “I Ricchi Poveri – Five Butterflies” is decorated only with the butterflies. The support element of the lamp was made of two intertwined cables. The source of the light is fixed at the top of it and it is surrounded by refined decorative elements. The composition seems like butterflies are flying up, appearing out of the light. Minimalistic but at the same time very delicate image of this lamp has a true elegance.

Ingo Maurer Lighting I Ricchi Poveri

The lamps by Ingo Maurer “I Ricchi Poveri – Bzzz” were made in the same manner. But this composition has just one dragon-fly that “lands” on the bulb.

I Ricchi Poveri by Ingo Maurer

All the lamps by Ingo Maurer with the butterflies and dragon-flies are presented in a limited quantity.

Interestingly, those wonderful decorative elements are handmade. All butterflies and other wondeful insects were created by an artist and natural photographer Graham Owen especislly for Ingo Maurer studio.
The dragon-flies and butterflies by Ingo Maurer are unique phenomenon in the world of lighting design.

Ingo Maurer lighting

Dragon-flies and butterflies by Ingo Maurer
close-up detail of wonderful butterfly created by Graham Owen for Ingo Maurer lighting collections

Author: Marina Schultz

Source of photos: Ingo Maurer, Graham Owen insects for Ingo Maurer

more interesting information about artistic collaboration Graham Owen with Ingo Maurer you can see at Graham Owen Gallery