Flower Power by VGnewtrend

Flower Power chandelier by VGnewtrend

It is just as it is with the flower.
If you love a flower that lives on a star,
it is sweet to look at the sky at night.
All the stars are a-bloom with flowers…

(The Little Prince)


An exceptional VGnewtrend aesthetics touched this world with a charming atmosphere of Venice, and with a hypnotic beauty of the lighting arabesques, with the mysteries of distant cultures and a unique talent to reveal a delicate beauty of nature in authentic art of Italian design. VGnewtrend collections always differ by a special style manner and unique expressiveness, which reveals our ability to feel beauty – it is about design which “becomes an expression of the soul that transforms space into a real multi-sensory experience”. Therefore, something very beautiful can be seen and felt through thousands of stories – and every time it is about the embodiment of new emotion. For example, this can be an admiration for a charming beauty of first petals…

Flower Power chandelier by VGnewtrend becomes a stylized “ode to the spring” and reveals a unique moment of awakening of the nature. The composition of this lighting installation is created of countless beautiful tulips: delicate rose-coloured petals, subtle semi-shades of the spring colours – so timid flowers – slightly capricious creatures – are so delighted with their own beauty and in love with life… As though, they tell each other about quiet dreams – so shy, so dreamy creatures… They say, flowers also have dreams… Because the spring charms us with the colours of romantic emotions and gives first sunny caress… Each of these tulips dreamed of the most beautiful fragrance, and all these flowers wanted light – to everyone could see their graceful silhouettes… So, the spring gives them a silent whisper of the stars and tender touches of the dawn… All first spring flowers are so special since then: they charm us with their playful fragrances, and these fragile creatures give us a fascinating natural beauty filled with a unique light…

Flower Power by VGnewtrend
Flower Power chandelier by VGnewtrend

Flower Power chandelier by VGnewtrend reveals an essence of spring – it is about a subtle beauty and exceptional emotions which appear as quietly as then disappear… Flower Power composition symbolizes the spring which is timeless, the spring which one can admire at any time. We can see an amazing artistic realization of the flowers: each petal, each colour shade – reveal a rare natural beauty. Among the tulips Murano glass lamps (with LED lighting) are placed harmoniously – this creates an effect of soft lighting, as if it appears inside the subtle petals… So, Flower Power by VGnewtrend reveals an essential beauty of the spring: it is a light veil of the dawn– it is a shy rustle of the dreamy flowers which are in love with life…

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They say, the twinkling of the stars – is a silent whisper of the night sky.
And some flowers lulled by whispering stars hide their petals,
because they feel sad without the sunny touches…
They say, these timid creatures need the light to charm the whole world
with their essential beauty even at night…
And it is enough to love the only one flower– to hear the whispering stars –
to see their hypnotic silence which illuminates each petal…

Flower Power by VGnewtrend
Flower Power chandelier by VGnewtrend

Author: Marina Schultz

Source of photos: VGnewtrend


  • Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince. – Translated from French by Iraklis Lampadariou. – Saita Publications. – 2015. – p.78. – Chapter 26.